farm mode

I have a nerdy confession to make. Justin and I used to play a ton of world of Warcraft. It was one of our first hobbies that we would do together. On our first anniversary, he drove me out to the middle of nowhere in Azeroth (the main world in WoW) and we had a … Continue reading farm mode


advocating for our son

I had the privilege of recording an interview for an upcoming parent panel that will be part of a two-day training for occupational, physical, and speech therapists. I would have done the panel in person but due to COVID it was rescheduled for LP’s birthday and I would rather spend the day with him. I … Continue reading advocating for our son

journey to fi: may 2020 spending report

Mr. Smith and I have a dream of achieving financial independence (FI). We've been on this path for quite some time. Most months, I report the percentages that we spent in each category, our savings rate for the month, and our progress towards our FI number.   You might wonder why I'm reporting percentages and not the actual numbers. … Continue reading journey to fi: may 2020 spending report