a complicated adoption process

I'm writing this while snuggling the sweet little person who now calls us mom and dad in the NICU. I'm not using LP's name on the internet or posting pictures until our adoption is complete for a whole lot of reasons. Since being matched with LP three weeks ago -- holy shit! How did that … Continue reading a complicated adoption process

two months without jobbing by the numbers

On May 31, I quit my job as a tenure-track assistant professor. It was one of the best things that I could have done for my physical health, mental health, and relationships. Here’s what I’ve been up to since then.  Grown my blog followers to 47.  Thanks everyone for reading! I’ve enjoyed spending a good deal of … Continue reading two months without jobbing by the numbers

q2 2019 goal update

In our 2019 goals post, we outlined our plans for the year in four broad categories: financial, employment and time, health, and fun. In my ever so humble opinion, goals are useless unless you make an accountability plan to complete them. Much like reporting our monthly spending, reporting our progress to you is our accountability … Continue reading q2 2019 goal update