my week in photos

Justin is a real trooper and will eat practically anything that I put in front of him. (With the exception of scrambled eggs. He hates my scrambled eggs. No one is perfect!) This is a fried egg, avocado, hummus, and roasted butternut squash over polenta. Essentially, a fridge clean out breakfast. Sometimes, you just need … Continue reading my week in photos


q1 2019 goal update

In our 2019 goals post, we outlined our plans for the year in four broad categories: financial, employment and time, health, and fun. In my ever so humble opinion, goals are useless unless you make an accountability plan to complete them. Much like reporting our monthly spending, reporting our progress to you is our accountability … Continue reading q1 2019 goal update

monday musings: the privilege of fi

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I listen to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of blogs about minimalism and financial independence. While there is a good deal of interesting and useful information out there, I often find myself either pausing the audio or taking a break from reading to … Continue reading monday musings: the privilege of fi