eating my way through Alaska

After nine years of marriage, I finally got to meet my husband's family. About a year ago, one of his aunts decided to host a family reunion. Since he hasn't been back to Alaska since leaving 13 years ago, we thought this would be the perfect summer trip for us. We were in Alaska for … Continue reading eating my way through Alaska


the tiny tot is coming for a visit

I have been FaceTiming with my niece since the day she was born, but I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen her face-to-face in her short three years. She lives in Texas and, until recently, we lived in Michigan. It doesn't make for lots of quality together time. Thankfully, my … Continue reading the tiny tot is coming for a visit

minimalist travel – Alaska

Mr. Smith and I are going on a ten-day trip to Alaska. We'll be spending a few days in Anchorage, a few days driving around, and a few days in Fairbanks. I'm pretty excited about going to a new-me-place and meeting (finally) his extended family. I'll write about how the trip went in a future … Continue reading minimalist travel – Alaska