my week in photos — week 27

My week in photos is a weekly post where I share some of the photos that I took during the week that (mostly) didn’t make it to my Instagram feed. I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography skills and welcome any comments.

**I just noticed that I skipped week 25 in my numbering. Rather than go back and renumber my previous posts, I’m just going to go with it.**

After a week of traveling, I’m happy to be home. I spent the last week in Michigan visiting family and friends.

I was with my mom, youngest brother, and little sister for the first few days of the trip. My mom and I went to the new Star Trek exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. I’ll never forget staying up super late to record the finale of The Next Generation on VHS for my mom since she was at work when I was a kid. (Yeah, that probably dated me a bit. It was before DVRs and on-demand TV.) It was a ton of fun and super interesting to see all of the ship models that were used in the filming of various Star Trek-related shows and the costumes that many of the actors wore.

As cool as the museum was, the highlight of my time with family was getting to take my little sister out to lunch. As a small child, she wasn’t the most adventurous eater (read: very picky). I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed to let me pick the restaurant and went with it when I decided on going to Detroit Vegan Soul. While I’m not a vegan, I enjoy eating at vegan restaurants because of my dairy allergy. There is something super magical about being able to eat anything off the menu and knowing that I won’t get sick. (Trust me, no one wants to witness me full body hives and the other grossness while on a trip.) But, I digress…

The best part was when she exclaimed, “I ate a vegetable!” I tried really hard to not laugh, but, if I’m being honest, it was pretty damn funny. I’m hoping that this adventure opened her up to the idea that tofu can taste yummy and that there is a whole world of food out there for her to experience.

I spent the rest of the trip with friends. Due to my forgetfulness and rule to not post pictures of people without their permission, all I have is this picture of a blueberry crumble vegan donut from Strange Matter. If you’re ever in the Lansing area, check them out. Their donuts are to die for and definitely worth all of the flavor points. I haven’t been in the Lansing area since last October and it was nice to catch up with my friends in person. Technology is great, but it’s not a substitution for face-to-face personal interactions.

As much as I love to travel, I love coming home even more. The time in Michigan showed me that I truly belong in Colorado. I had to prepare for the trip with a 24-hour Claritin-D and I’m glad that I did because my allergies hit me in full force the moment I arrived. I don’t know what it is about Colorado, but my allergies are nonexistent here. At most, I might need to take a non-D allergy pill once in a while, but it’s not an every day thing.

Summer is officially here and we’ve had several 90 degree plus days. For us, this means rescheduling our daily walks for the early morning, after sunset, or both. I tried to take a selfie with this amazing sunset, but quickly learned that the front-facing camera on my phone doesn’t have the power or resolution for that kind of task. With our South Africa trip coming up, it looks like I might be on the market for a “real” camera. I’m thinking about getting a Nikon D3500 as it’s consistently in the top five of “best DSLRs for beginners.” Let me know if you have any experience with it or if I should look at another camera, please!

How did your week go?


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