lp is home

After spending 152 days in the NICU, our son was finally discharged from the hospital. It was an exceptionally long journey and we’re still trying to mentally and emotionally come to grips with how the last four months unfolded. We’re also settling in as a family at home. It’s strange going from the NICU, where your every move is monitored, to home.

LP is handling the transition home as well as can be expected. The first night was rough since we didn’t get home until almost 6 PM and then had to scramble to find the formula in the car. There was also a snow storm that night and we had about a foot of snow dumped on us. Though it all, LP managed to sleep most of the night. He only woke up to eat and then went right back to sleep. (Small miracles do happen once in a while.)

In addition to settling in a home, we’re working on setting up appointments with his new care team. Even though he was discharged, there are still a number of issues that need follow up. The next few weeks are going to be busy, but at least we’re finally home.


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