juggling chainsaws

Supposedly the Universe never gives you more than you can handle. I say that’s crap. I feel like I’m juggling a bunch of chain saws and hoping that I don’t drop one since there would be, obviously, devastating consequences. Let me tell you about the last few days.

Justin and I closed on the new house at the end of August. On closing day, we skipped off to Home Depot to order our appliances since we had been advised to not do ahead of time in case the closing appointment got changed or moved. (Essentially, we couldn’t have appliances delivered to a house we didn’t technically own yet.) We got the call about the appliances being scheduled for delivery on Friday between 3 and 7 PM on Thursday. Also on Thursday, we found out that the birth parents might be able to meet us on Friday afternoon in a town two hours away. The home warranty guy was going to come check out our air conditioning problem on Friday too. Lastly, we still wanted to snuggle with LP. Basically, Friday was set up to be a cluster***.

Since we don’t have powers of teleportation, we scrambled to find a friend who could be at the house when the appliances were delivered. (Thanks again, Mike for being willing to supervise.) We told the warranty guy that he had to be done by 11 AM so that we could get on the road. We thought we had it all figured out and organized. We were wrong.

Friday morning started off fine. Justin worked and I tooled around the house cleaning up and unpacking some boxes. Warranty guy showed up right on schedule. He found that the air conditioning itself works, but that the upstairs isn’t getting enough air from the vents to keep it cool. He’s going to get back to us.

Meanwhile, I got a text from the adoption agency that our meeting with the birth family had been canceled. Not a big deal and nothing to worry about, but it did mean that we would make it to LP earlier in the day for snuggles. Things don’t sound so bad at this point.

But then, I haven’t mentioned the appliances. The delivery guys called Justin at 12:30 PM, but he missed the call. Five minutes later, he got a call from the main delivery line stating that the delivery guy said we wanted to reschedule the delivery. Where he got this idea is completely beyond us since he called us two hours before the delivery was actually scheduled for and we had someone scheduled to be at the waiting at the house for them. The manager that Justin spoke with said that the delivery guys were done for the day (again, how could this be since they hadn’t delivered our appliances?!) and that we would have to reschedule for next week.

We canceled the order with Home Depot (and I’m still waiting for the refund to process), bought a secondhand mini-fridge for $50, and reordered the appliances from Lowe’s who uses a different delivery company. I might not have appliances until the end of September now.

Despite actually figuring out how make the day work and juggling all of our chainsaws, hardly any of the day went to plan. At least I got hours of sweet baby snuggles.


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