my week in photos — week 32

My week in photos is a weekly post where I share some of the photos that I took during the week that (mostly) didn’t make it to my Instagram feed. I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography skills and welcome any comments.

Well, the week started off a bit crappy, but improved quite a bit by the end.

For these posts, my weeks normally run from Friday morning to Thursday evening since I’m usually writing Thursday night or early the next day in time for the post to be published Friday mornings. I was on my own Friday through Sunday morning of this week because Justin was out of town for work those days. I don’t mind that he has to travel for work, but it usually makes me appreciate what he does for our family A LOT more. Justin is the chief poop manager of the house and usually takes Sisko out in the morning and at night. When he’s gone that particular task falls to me. It means earlier mornings and more public interaction than I’m prepared for on the typical day. Plus, Sisko likes to be a punk when I take him out.

Any way, that’s not the reason for why week started off on a bad note. You’ll notice the red hue of the photo below. That’s from the fire truck. We had ANOTHER midnight fire alarm Friday night. This time is sounds like someone pulled the alarm in an effort to ruin everyone’s night. I’m just glad that I wasn’t asleep yet. There have been at least 10 fire alarms since we moved to this building a year ago. That’s an absurdly high number of alarms and most people don’t even evacuate the building any more because all of them have been false alarms (sometimes due to the building’s broken fire detection system and other times because people are jerks). The last time I had to deal with this many fire alarms was when I lived on campus in the dorms. I guess we can add that to the list of life skills that one earns while in college.

(I don’t usually add to my week in photos once it’s published, but I had to today for two reasons: (1) The fire alarm went off again last night while we were sleeping and (2) the problem started when my niece was visiting us last summer.)

Things were much better when Justin got home. On Sunday, we sat down and made a meal plan for the rest of the week and figured out what groceries we would need. Since we’re going on vacation for two weeks in August, we’re trying as hard as we can to clean out the fridge and freezer.

The weather has been super nice in the evenings so we decided to walk down to Whole Foods to get our groceries. Extra steps and being eco-friendly is a win-win in my book. Sisko, however, really doesn’t like it when one of us splits off from the group. The whined the entire time that Justin was in the grocery story. He does the same thing when I pop in the library too. I don’t know what’s up with that.

As part of our pantry challenge, we wanted to use up the shrimp stock that we had leftover from when Justin’s mom visited. We decided to make scallops and ramen with it. Or at least that was the plan until ramen noodles were super expensive at the store and Justin made the executive decision to get rice noodles instead. It was a super tasty and filling meal that got two more jars out of our freezer. Check back in on Wednesday when I’ll have July’s spending report up. You won’t believe how much food-cost-butt we kicked.

In a final bit of fun, my new camera and accessories arrived. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with the camera in point-and-shoot mode. I think it’s too close to our trip for me to learn much more than that. On the upside, I’m impressed by how much better the pictures are than those from my iPhone. I didn’t know what I was missing.

How did your week go?


3 thoughts on “my week in photos — week 32

  1. Okay, I’ll try it again. First of you all, you’re gonna miss those fire alarms when you move. NOT. So ridiculous. I can’t believe they haven’t figured that out yet. Wow. Secondly, you guys really know how to do leftovers gourmet style! I could almost taste those yummy noodles. Lastly, I have a couple of suggestions for you on the new DSLR. I suggest you carry it with you on dog walks every day from now until your trip to get used to the weight of it. When I first got mine, it was hard to carry that extra weight around my neck but now it is just like an extra appendage that I don’t even notice. Having said that, the other suggestion is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use your neck strap. I learned this the hard way as my camera took a trip over a small cliff. The camera body survived but my $200 lens did not. It’s easy to get distracted when you are out taking photos so take my word on this. Keep rocking the great photos!

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    1. You’ll be proud of me. The first thing I did was buy a super snazzy strap. I’ll have to take a picture of it for you! I’ll take your advice on carrying it around. I’ve taken it out on a few of our walks so far, but sometimes I forget to. It’s just not a habit yet.

      This apartment complex is going to have a MAJOR lawsuit on its hands if there ever is a real fire. Hardly anyone evacuated the other morning because people feel that there isn’t a point (i.e., the boy who cried wolf).

      Not all of our leftovers are so glamorous​, but I am much more likely to eat a “chopped” meal if it looks pretty.


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