my week in photos — week 28

Even with the holiday, it was a super chill week around here. I actually had to look at my calendar to remind myself of what we did this week. I'm always on the lookout for interesting plants to photograph while we're walking. This purple spiky guy caught my attention one evening. The plant itself was … Continue reading my week in photos — week 28


what I learned from six months of worm composting

About six months ago, we started composting to reduce our food waste. I’m happy to report that composting is very easy and seems worth the effort. We’re down to about one 10-liter bag of trash per week and I think we can get that down even further if I focus on it (#2019goal). For today, … Continue reading what I learned from six months of worm composting

adventures in apartment composting

Did you know that food waste in a garbage bag is essentially embalmed and the decay process slows to a halt? Did you know that approximately 40 percent of food waste in the United States is from consumers? Over time, I'm finding that I am becoming much more conscientious about my family's production of waste. … Continue reading adventures in apartment composting