my week in photos — week 23

My week in photos is a weekly post where I share some of the photos that I took during the week that (mostly) didn’t make it to my Instagram feed. I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography skills and welcome any comments.

This was a pretty great photo week for me since we were on a working vacation. I posted a LOT to Instragram! Feel free to follow me there (@AKahlSmith for behind the scenes life or @SmithHappens2019 for blog updates, etc. or both if you’re feeling frisky!)

It was my first full week of not jobbing and it was amazing!

Justin had a conference in Bermuda and I got to tag along. It was a great way for us to visit a place that we had never been to before and to have his work subsidize a lot of the trip. (His airfare, a couple of nights at the hotel, and most of his food were reimbursed back to us.) As I mentioned, I flooded my personal Instagram with pictures while we were there.

I spent most of my time at the beach, especially on Monday while Justin was attending his conference. It was super nice to relax and know that no one was emailing me or wanting anything from me.

I did get to check my global entry interview off my to-do list. When you’re returning from an international trip, as long as you’ve been conditionally approved, you can complete your interview at some airports. The Bermuda airport had just started allowing interviews to be completed there so we were able to do it before boarding our flight back to the States. The interview was super easy. They just verify your application information, take your picture, and scan your fingerprints. Now we’ll have it for the next five years! Airport security just got A LOT simpler!

This was sunset on the island. We never made it to the lighthouse, but it was nice to see it from afar.

When we got home I had to replenish my reading pile. I managed to read two books during the trip and I couldn’t be happier about it. I saw these lovelies on our walk back from the library.

How did your week go?


2 thoughts on “my week in photos — week 23

    1. When I was in higher ed, I typically went to two conferences per year. I can tell you a lot about the conference hotels, but very little about the actual place since I was usually going from session to session or other meetings. For Bermuda, we got there two days before the conference started so that we could do the tourist thing. It worked out well.

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