monday musings: last lecture

I did something this week that I knew was coming for a while. I uploaded my last lecture. Ever.

For this academic year, I have been working remotely and part-time. I taught my classes online and I completed all of my other work tasks via email. Our shared understanding is that this was a temporary solution and that I would either return to campus or quit. I’m exercising the latter option.

Uploading my last lecture doesn’t mean that I’m done for the semester. It just means that I’m done creating new content for my students. They still have work to do and I still have grading to do. It will be a few weeks before we’re all completely done.

My last lecture wasn’t anything all that special. In fact, it was a re-editing of an old lecture. (Work smarter, not harder, my friends!) Nonetheless, uploading it felt surreal.


2 thoughts on “monday musings: last lecture

  1. I’m glad it’s not the last lecture as in Randy Pausch last lecture, right? Soon, I will be putting on my dress shoes for the last day. I’m burning those suckers the day after.


    1. I thought about that when I wrote the title but decided to go with it anyway. 🙂

      I have a pile of student work that I get to get rid of at the end of the semester. If we didn’t live in an apartment, I would burn it. But, we do. So I might shred it up and feed it to the worms.


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