my week in photos — week 31

My week in photos is a weekly post where I share some of the photos that I took during the week that (mostly) didn’t make it to my Instagram feed. I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography skills and welcome any comments.

We had a wild week this week. Over the weekend, I over-scheduled us… again. On Saturday, we had a charity event and I got to FaceTime with a dear friend and her son. On Sunday, we had a pool day with another friend’s family. It may not sound like a whole lot, but I needed to be on for all of this. Also, I think I’m too old for day drinking.

The charity event was a blast! There were eleven local animal charities competing in a scavenger hunt/pub crawl/relay race. Our team had about 30 people on it. We would go to each bar, get a drink, and then start working on that bar’s scavenger hunt. In between some of the bars the team needed to complete an activity such as five pairs carrying a newspaper between them without using their hands or (and this is the one we did) five pairs linking arms back to back and running to the next bar. The added fun was the rain really started coming down just before that second relay. We could have waited it out, but it was a race! We called it quits after five bars and went home to drink LOTS of water and recover.

Our second weekend event was much more enjoyable. Since we’re moving at the end of August and we’re busy most of the month, it was our last opportunity to have our friends and their two kids over for a pool day. The kids got to swim for about an hour. Then we headed up to the apartment for lunch.

For people who don’t have kids, I think we have a pretty awesome play area with a play kitchen, cars, books, and an easel for coloring. The older boy took to making a picture. I don’t know, but it looks like R2-D2 walking an AT-AT to me. What do you think?

The rest of the week was filled with doctors appointments and cuddles. Since Justin is out of town for work, I decided it would be a good time to see the eye doctor and dentist. Both completely filled their days since I’m useless after getting my eyes dilated and had my entire face numbed by the dentist. At least I can check off those visits for a long while.

Otherwise, I’ve been working on packing and cleaning. My goal is to do a little bit each day so that it’ll all be done before we go on our trip. Every time Justin goes on a work trip, I’m reminded of how much I love him and how much he does for our family. I can’t wait for him to come home!

How did your week go?


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