monday musings: an ode to my water bottle

Oh, my stainless steel water bottle, how do I love thee. I'm sorry I cheated on you with the snazzy and classy glass water bottle that Justin got from his previous employer. I'm sorry that I took your dropability for granted and thought that your dents weren't pretty or a sign of how much you … Continue reading monday musings: an ode to my water bottle


my week in photos — week 20

I'm really happy with how this week went. I seem to be settling into a new routine filled with lots of hot tea, reading, writing, and tending my growing cadre of plants. It's something I could definitely get used to. Last Friday and Saturday, the Denver Botanic Gardens had their spring plant sale. A good … Continue reading my week in photos — week 20

downsizing your book collection

To many book lovers, myself included, the title of this post may be a bit panic-inducing. I’m not talking about getting rid of all of your books, just those that you no longer need. I consider my favorite books as friends and would never suggest parting ways with those whose presence you still love and … Continue reading downsizing your book collection