my week in photos — week 21

My week in photos is a weekly post where I share some of the photos that I took during the week that (mostly) didn’t make it to my Instagram feed. I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography skills and welcome any comments.

What a strange, but good week. As I looked over the photos that I took this week, I noticed that most of them were about food in some way. Note: You might want to skip this post if egg yolks weird you out.

Justin took me out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants this week. I love True Food Kitchen because they cater to all sorts of diets in healthy and meaningful ways. The have everyone from vegans to carnivores covered with lots of tasty options for each. I also love that they take my dairy allergy seriously. Even though I usually order something from their vegan offerings (no dairy right off the bat), I still tell them about my allergy so that they’ll make sure that cross-contamination doesn’t happen. (Don’t let me get started about the time I order a guacamole starter and found it laced with cheese. It was a BAD night!)

My favorite part though is that I get to eat dessert there. All but one of their desserts was vegan that night. It’s so strange when not only can I have dessert, but I also get to pick which one I’d like to have. I chose the key lime mousse with almond crumble and it was ablsolutely amazing — very tart, very creamy! It was only made better by the fact that the manager decided to comp our desserts since we’re just that cool. (Also, our server remembered us from the last time that we were in and considered us “regulars.”)

Since we had so much food leftover, I decided to put off grocery shopping for as long as possible. As a result, things got a little strange one morning when I made “breakfast risotto.” I think you can call anything breakfast if you put an egg on it. That morning’s chopped challenge (SNL spoof of the show) included mushrooms, bell peppers, the saddest red onion, and garlic as the vegetable parts of the risotto. It turned out really well, but was super filling and heavy. I almost needed a mid-morning nap after it.

We finally ran out of food on Monday, so I decided to try something new and had our groceries delivered by Prime Now. It was quick, efficient, and about the same price as when I go to the store with less impulse purchases. I only wish that there was a way to do it zero-waste. I could see us have groceries delivered more once the baby comes. Anything to get a few minutes of nap time in, right?

Finally, we ended up with one of the most perfect avocados. It was deliciously green and creamy. If I didn’t already have an avocado plant, I would have considered trying to grow this seed.

How did your week go?


3 thoughts on “my week in photos — week 21

    1. To be fair, the avocado pictured didn’t come from my plant. I’m still 1-2 years out from getting anything from that plant, if I ever do. It’s definitely an exercise in being patient!

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      1. I’ve considered trying it, and maybe I still will, but our winters are too harsh. I could conceivably keep it in the house, but I have too many house responsibilities as it is. Maybe someday, though!


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